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High Protein Ranch Dip (2 Ingredients)

This high protein ranch dip is thick, creamy and incredibly easy to make. With just 2 simple ingredients, this flavor-packed ranch dip is about to be your new favorite.

High Protein Ranch Dip

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Anyone who knows me knows I love 2 things - chips and dips! I'm a sucker for a good dip; and bonus points if it's high protein like this high protein ranch dip! Why I love this dip: it's insanely easy to make, it only uses two ingredients (cottage cheese and Ranch seasoning), and it's high in protein so it will help a lot with satiety and fulness, compared to other traditional dips which are often super high in calories and fats, and offer little to no protein. Plus the flavor of the ranch seasoning pairs really well with freshly sliced vegetables, which to be honest, helps me consume way more veggies overall! It's a total win; I can't wait for you to try this too!

High Protein Ranch Dip


  1. Add 1 cup of cottage cheese to a blender with one packet of ranch seasoning powder (or 3 tablespoons if you're measuring from a canister).

  2. Blend in a food processor or blender on high until smooth and creamy (or less if you like more of the traditional cottage cheese texture - see cooking tips below).

  3. Serve with fresh vegetables, or whole grain crackers or chips.

Macros for entire dip: 160 cals | 5g fat | 6g carbs | 28g protein

Recipe Tips:

  • Using a full fat cottage cheese will give you the creamiest texture for this dip, but you can certainly use low fat if you prefer!

  • Blend cottage cheese on a lower speed or for less time for a thicker and chunkier texture (as shown).

  • While using the Ranch seasoning packets are definitely more convenient, you may want to just get a big canister of the Ranch mix so you can measure how much seasoning you use, especially if you prefer more or less flavor

Other Fun Ways to Enjoy this High Protein Ranch Dip:

  • Spread a thick layer of ranch dip in your wraps or sandwiches

  • Use it as a topping on a loaded baked potato

  • Use it to dip with whole grain crackers like Triscuits or Wheat Thins, or sliced veggies like cucumber, bell pepper, carrot sticks or celery

See how it's made:

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