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I am so honored that you have the trust in me to guide you along this beautiful journey! I wrote this e-book during my own pregnancy; I wanted to make sure I personally experienced every month of pregnancy training and nutrition before finishing it for you. This comprehensive eBook will cover every basis (and questions) you may have about how to effectively and safely workout and strength train during every stage of your pregnancy.

This eBook will walk you through 35 weeks of strength training workouts along with video demonstrations that can be done at the gym or at home – with some modifications – as well as exercise regressions or progressions for each exercise so this program can meet you and your fitness level where you’re at – yes, even if you are brand new to exercise! You’ll also get detailed cardio recommendations, nutrition guidelines, proper warm ups and stretches, special considerations during each trimester, proper alignment and breathing mechanics and so much more! Each phase of this program has been taken into special consideration for the first trimester, when you might not be feeling your best, on to the second trimester when you most likely will have more strength and energy, and then the third trimester as you prepare for your sweet babe to arrive!

The best part is, you can start this training program at any point in time during your pregnancy!


I am so excited to walk you through the fittest, healthiest & happiest pregnancy possible!

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  • How will I receive my program?
    This training program is an eBook/digital format. You will receive a confirmation email with the eBook download immediately after checkout. You have the option to download the program straight to your mobile device or you may print a hard copy.
  • What's the refund policy?
    Due to immediate access to the program via digital download, no refunds will be issued.
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