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Easy High Protein Snacks

High protein diets are sometimes associated with bodybuilding, or meant for those looking to pack on some serious muscle. But the majority of people don’t consume an adequate amount of protein, regardless of their current fitness and health goals.

Proteins have many roles in our bodies, including the building and maintaining of our muscle tissues. The minimum protein requirement for healthy individuals is 1g protein per 1 lb LBM (lean body mass) per day OR .73 – 1.0g protein per 1 lb BW (bodyweight) per day. If you’re older and/or more active you will likely need more. It also depends on your goals as well.

If you’re interested in having a completely customized macro plan, check out my personalized weight loss plan.

Protein has the highest TEF (thermic effect of food), meaning you burn more calories digesting protein compared to carbs and fats. Protein is also the slowest digesting, so consuming an adequate amount of protein every day will help keep you fuller longer and help decrease those afternoon cravings!

Protein doesn’t have to be consumed in the form of boring chicken breast either – here are some of my go-to easy protein snacks to make.

Protein Powders and/or Protein Bars (20-30g protein/serving)

Greek Yogurt; My favorite flavored yogurts are Oikos Triple Zero + Dannon Light N’ Fit (12-15g protein/serving)

Tuna Packets (15-18g protein/serving)

Light String Cheese (12g protein for 2 sticks)

Shrimp Cocktail (~17g protein per 3 oz. serving)

Beef or Turkey Jerky (10-12g protein/serving)

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