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Macro Calculation

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The answer to healthy, sustainable weight loss and reaching your fitness goals once and for all...

is right here!

What if I told you to forget EVERYTHING you knew about dieting?


What if you could let go of the severe food restriction you have around eating certain foods? 


What if there was a way to break free of the all-or-nothing mentality around dieting, and enjoying the foods you love while still being able to reach your weight loss goals?


You’ve probably heard the phrase, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” 


Well, not in this case! I'm going to teach you how you can still eat delicious food & lose weight! If any of those three questions above left you with a glimpse of hope in being able to successfully lose weight and keep it off, without feeling absolutely miserable, deprived and #hangry all the time, keep reading on because I’m about to throw some knowledge bombs down! Let’s dive in...

Let me know if this feels familiar


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You start another diet program with the best intentions and you decide "I'm actually going to commit to this and stick with it."


You've been trying to lose weight for a while now, and initially, you lose some weight. Eventually, it slows down or stops altogether and you decide to cut your calories further or do more cardio. While that works for a little while, your progress plateaus yet again. You become discouraged and start to stray from your workouts and begin to restrict food again only to punish yourself. What's worse, you begin feeling guilty and discouraged with yourself - "Why can't I just stick with it?!"


You beat yourself up for having something you want after splurging on the weekends and feel like this is never-ending. This cycle is repeated until you are likely eating an absurdly low amount of calories and doing quite a bit of cardio or nothing at all because you want to quit. You might feel fatigued, hungry, defeated, and have little enjoyment for your activities.

Maybe both your workout progress and weight loss have stalled and you are feeling a sense of failure? The thought of cutting calories even further sounds like a nightmare? But you still have quite a bit of weight to lose and can’t even fathom thinking about another “diet.”

None of this makes sense to you because eating less and exercising more is supposed to result in weight loss. Why is all this “hard work” not getting you any results?

It's time to ditch the yo-yo diets and start reaching your goals WITHOUT restriction, deprivation and unsustainability.

That's where I come in!


With this personalized macro calculation, you are getting the tools you need to build a foundation, so you can:

Enjoy ALL foods without guilt, eat the foods you love while still prioritizing your health

Understand the nutrition behind the foods you eat, so you can make healthful and balanced food choices that align with your goals and lifestyle

Finally say goodbye to the all-or-nothing mindset around dieting

Stop feeling like you're constantly restarting on Monday

Disassociate "good" and "bad" foods

Feel confident and in control of your food choices, all the time

Finally reach your fitness goals once and for all 

Let's do this!

What's Included?

Personalized Nutrition Program

This flexible, macros-based nutrition program allows for flexibility and control over your food choices. It is completely customized to you, your fitness goals, lifestyle and dietary preferences.

A Call with ME!

A 15-minute video call with me to review your program and answer any questions you have about macros or your program.

Intro to Macros Guide

This guide provides you the ins-and-outs of macro tracking to help ensure you have the tools to be successful!

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  • How will I receive my program?
    This training program is an eBook/digital format. You will receive a confirmation email with the eBook download immediately after checkout. You have the option to download the program straight to your mobile device or you may print a hard copy.
  • What's the refund policy?
    Due to immediate access to the program via digital download, no refunds will be issued.
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