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My Philosophy

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Around here, we love food - who doesn't?! Food and calories (especially carbohydrates) are not to be feared! You don't have to eat a crazy restrictive low-calorie diet to achieve weight loss. In fact, my mission is to teach you how to properly fuel your body (with the foods you love), lose weight and keep it off - all through flexible dieting. 

Many women struggle with finding a sustainable weight loss program. They jump from fad diet to fad diet, lose the weight, only to gain it back later down the road. How frustrating is that - not to mention expensive and time-consuming!

Are you ready to step into a world where you feel confident, strong and empowered with your workouts? A world where you say YES to the dessert, guilt-free, and eat real rice (not that silly cauliflower rice everyone pretends to love?)  You’re in the right place. As a Certified Personal Trainer with a B.A. in Nutrition & Food, I have a passion for sharing the magic of macros. I provide concise, no-fluff guidance that will help your mindset around food, feel freedom from low-calorie and restrictive dieting, and guide you towards getting and keeping the body of your dreams. You'll never have to try the next fad diet again. Your journey to sustainable, lasting weight loss starts right here.

Let me know if this feels familiar


You start another diet program with the best intentions and you decide "I'm actually going to commit to this and stick with it."


You've been trying to lose weight for a while now, and initially, you lose some weight. Eventually, it slows down or stops altogether and you decide to cut your calories further or do more cardio. While that works for a little while, your progress plateaus yet again. You become discouraged and start to stray from your workouts and begin to restrict food again only to punish yourself. What's worse, you begin feeling guilty and discouraged with yourself - "Why can't I just stick with it?!"


You beat yourself up for having something you want after splurging on the weekends and feel like this is never-ending. This cycle is repeated until you are likely eating an absurdly low amount of calories and doing quite a bit of cardio or nothing at all because you want to quit. You might feel fatigued, hungry, defeated, and have little enjoyment for your activities.

Maybe both your workout progress and weight loss have stalled and you are feeling a sense of failure? The thought of cutting calories even further sounds like a nightmare? But you still have quite a bit of weight to lose and can’t even fathom thinking about another “diet.”

None of this makes sense to you because eating less and exercising more is supposed to result in weight loss. Why is all this “hard work” not getting you any results?

It's time to ditch the yo-yo diets and start reaching your goals WITHOUT restriction, deprivation and unsustainability.

That's where I come in!


With my online coaching and training program, you are getting the tools you need to build a life-long foundation, so you can:

Enjoy ALL foods without guilt, eat the foods you love while still prioritizing your health

Understand the nutrition behind the foods you eat, so you can make healthful and balanced food choices that align with your goals and lifestyle

Finally say goodbye to the all-or-nothing mindset around dieting

Stop feeling like you're constantly restarting on Monday

Disassociate "good" and "bad" foods

Feel confident and in control of your food choices, all the time

Finally reach your fitness goals once and for all 

What's Included?

The Forever Fit Formula is a monthly membership. Join anytime, cancel anytime!

Monthly Membership

My mission is to teach women how to lose weight and reach their fitness goals without giving up the foods they love. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting, restrictive eating and endless cardio!

Bi-weekly Check-Ins

Accountability, support and problem solving throughout your fitness journey is super important. Check-ins are bi-weekly via email. 1:1 private coaching via Zoom is available for more in-depth, hands-on coaching.

Personalized Nutrition Program

This flexible, macros-based nutrition program allows for flexibility and control over your food choices. It is completely customized to you, your fitness goals, lifestyle and dietary preferences.

Client Portal

Exclusive access to the Client Portal, packed with resources, educational videos, nutrition guides, cookbooks, goal setting worksheets & more.

Customized Workouts & Fitness App Access

Your training program is 100% tailored to YOU and YOUR goals. How many days/week you can realistically train, your overall health/fitness goals, access to equipment and fitness level are all considered when designing your custom training program. No gym? No problem. You'll also get access to my fitness app where all of your workouts are stored.

Private Women's Community

Get endless support, motivation & accountability from other women on the same fitness journey as you, with our private, women's only community!

You might be thinking...

“I’ve tried several other diet programs before, how is this any different?”

Accountability is huge, which is why I form close relationships with each and every one of my clients. I want you to feel supported, motivated & empowered during your journey. It’s incredibly important to have accountability through your coach, as well as other women who are all facing the same struggles, challenges and victories together. My program is not given to you on a sheet of paper, with me telling you what to do and how to do it. I take pride in teaching my clients the science and nutrition behind the foods we eat. It’s important for me to empower my clients through education and application to learn about the behavior changes needed to lose weight and keep it off long term.

The power of accountability is incredible. Studies show that you have a 95% chance of reaching a goal if you not only tell someone you’re committing to it, but if you actually show up for an accountability appointment for it. That’s where I come in!

“I’m a super busy mom of young kids and work full time – I’m nervous I won’t be able to be successful if I can’t commit to this 100%”

As a new mom myself, I get it! 90% of my clients are moms as well. Let me ease your mind and tell you the success of this program is *not* centered around being "perfect". In fact, a lot of the changes I coach you through stem from finding balance with mom life, work life, and the chaos of the every day. My clients success comes from being able to build small, sustainable habits, while still making fitness a priority in their life. This program is *not* rigid and restrictive, so you won’t be feeling like you have to be all in, or not in at all. We leave that all-or-nothing mentality at the door! You have the flexibility to eat delicious food with a flexible eating approach where you are in control over your own food choices. Since your workouts are designed for YOU and your goals, there is also flexibility with your training program, so YOU decide when you have the time and energy to complete your workouts.

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“It seems expensive, I’m not sure I can afford it right now…”

I see you. And I feel you, too. I’ll ask you the same thing that I ask myself all the time – Why do you feel guilty for spending money on your health? I don’t want to get all dramatic on you, but let me put it into perspective for you...

You know what’s more expensive? Not feeling like your best self every day. Constantly feeling like you're restarting your diet every Monday. Not feeling confident in your own skin.  Feeling stressed, anxious and tired ALL THE TIME.


You know why that’s more expensive? Because it takes up your valuable TIME – Time that you could spend feeling good about yourself, having the energy to keep up with your kids, feeling strong and confident with your workouts and feeling in control again around food. Time is the most expensive thing we have as humans. So don’t waste it feeling less than your best. 

Here’s something else I want you to keep in mind as you consider enrolling in the Forever Fit Formula…

Think of the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars you’ve already spent on other diet programs. Diet programs that:

  • didn’t teach you anything about how to manage your weight loss AFTER you’re done dieting

  • you felt miserable doing the entire time

  • were just a quick fix but left you feeling defeated later down the road when the weight crept back on

  • didn’t teach you how to actually live a normal life where food can be a healthy, balanced part of your every day life without it causing you worry, anxiety, stress and guilt


With the Forever Fit Formula membership, you'll learn how to: 

Enjoy all foods without guilt.​

Identify certain behaviors and work through problem solving via SMART goal setting.​

Feel good in your body without being obsessed with the scale.​

Finally lose that stubborn weight and learn the tools to keep the weight off long term.​

Put together balanced, satiating meals.​

Understand the why behind your cravings and food choices.​

Get strong and gain confidence through lifting weights through customized programming

Build long-lasting habits you can rely on forever

Become the healthiest, strongest version of yourself while improving your relationship with food.​

I give you all the tools & resources you need to start making healthy, sustainable changes RIGHT NOW. I’m your personal trainer and nutrition coach who will help guide you, educate you, support you & problem solve with you every step of the way to ensure you are on the path to success! You just have to commit yourself & make that promise to yourself, that you are ready for a lifestyle change!


Investing in the Forever Fit Formula is a serious commitment because it is designed to get you and keep you in the best shape of your life!
No quick fixes, no short term results. 

In-person trainers can cost anywhere between $60-$150+ per hour – based on a wide variety of experience levels, gym overhead, and location. Training with them just twice per week in a gym means you’re shelling out at least $500/month, with experienced coaches coming in at over $1,000 per month (or $10,000+ for the year!) Plus, many of these gym training sessions don’t address nutrition or habit changes for long-term success.

When you join the Forever Fit Formula, you'll receive a personalized nutrition program, a customized training program, and access to all the helpful and educational tools you need to help you throughout your journey. PLUS, you get ME as your coach to educate, support, motivate and guide you along the way so that you feel confident with staying on the right track to healthy, sustainable weight loss.

But is it worth it?


After learning more about who I am, what I offer and how I can help, that’s a question you’ll need to consider for your own situation. But if you’re looking for some insights from successful clients who have been exactly where you are, maybe this will help…


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Since being a full time mom/wife and even working two jobs my life and my weight got wayyy out of control! I've done everything you could think of when it comes to dieting and working out, until I met April. She has set me up to be successful, to be motivated and to never give up on working out. The best part is I still get to eat what I want and not feel trapped into eating a boring diet or strict diet. It's honestly changed my whole life around and I don't ever want to give up on myself again!

Elena M.

That's What She Said

  • Forever Fit Formula

    Every month
    • Bi-weekly check-ins email/Loom
    • Personalized macros-based nutrition program
    • Customized training program (home or gym options available)
    • Fitness app access to view and track workouts
    • Video demos for every exercise
    • Client Macro Tracker
    • Exclusive Client Portal access (videos, guides & more)
    • Private, women’s only fitness community
  • w/ Private Coaching

    Every month
    • 1:1 private coaching with bi-weekly check-in video calls
    • Personalized macros-based nutrition program
    • Customized training program (home or gym options available)
    • Fitness app access to view and track workouts
    • Video demos for every exercise
    • Client Macro Tracker
    • Exclusive Client Portal access (videos, guides & more)
    • Private, women's only fitness community

This is a monthly auto-renewal membership. You may cancel your membership anytime under your account.

Join Now!

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Book a Call!

Still not sure if this is the right fit? I know this program is life-changing because I've seen it happen first-hand over and over again with my clients. However, you might have some reservations still and that's ok!  Book a call with me! I'd love the opportunity to meet face-to--face so we can chat more in-depth about your goals and how this program can fit your lifestyle and long-term goals!

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