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Ready to let go of the diet culture food rules, improve your relationship with food and adopt a sustainable, realistic nutrition system that actually works? With this self paced nutrition course, you'll learn everything you need to make balanced eating and healthy weight loss attainable once and for all.

If you've stumbled across my page, odds are:

You've tried every diet under the sun. You've started a diet program, maybe found some success with it, only to find yourself back at square one soon after. Or maybe you've gotten to the place where you're just tired of constantly starting over. You've spent your entire life hopping from diet to diet, wondering why you just can't seem to stick with anything.

Does this feel familiar?


Maybe you find yourself on the hamster wheel of "being good" on your diet, then "falling off the rails" when the weekend comes; trying to stick to your diet plan seems to get harder and harder as more time goes on.

I have great news for you: you're not alone. You're not the problem. And you are in the right spot.

Finding balance with food, letting go of the diet culture mindset around "good" and "bad" foods, tackling emotional and stress eating, and building confidence with yourself around food is just skimming the surface of what's inside the Forever Fit Foundations program. 

Balanced eating, regaining control back over food (and your life) and getting to a place where you feel the most healthy, strong and happy is not about having more will-power, motivation or more self control. It's not about white-knuckling your way through some unsustainable, restrictive eating plan. It's not about following silly diet rules and being tied to a food scale your entire life.


It is about developing the actual habits you need to change your entire mindset around eating. It's about understanding the nutrition behind the foods you eat, why and how much you eat those specific foods and gaining a much better understanding of what your long term goals so that you can get to a place of balance and sustainability with eating, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle to back it all up. 

In the Forever Fit Foundations program, you'll learn how to:

  • Learn the ins and outs of tracking macros, including calculating your own custom macro program (but don't worry this program is still incredibly valuable with helping you achieve all of the above, even if macro tracking is not something you're into!)

  • Put together easy, balanced meals that you love eating.

  • Learn the hows and whys behind your current eating habits 

  • Address your current eating habits & apply strategies to navigate towards improved eating behaviors and tendencies

  • Enjoy ALL foods without guilt.

  • Make mindful and intentional food choices.

  • Feel good in your body without being obsessed with the scale.

  • Become the healthiest, happiest & strongest you yet.

...just to name a few!

What's included in Foundations program?

Every single resource I have ever created for my 1:1 coaching clients...and then some!

Lifetime access to every resource that I’ve created and used with my clients is in this Foundations program. Think of it as having ME as your coach in the back of your pocket at all times, for the rest of your life. This program has over 20 modules, downloadable PDF guides and worksheets, and some never-before-seen educational resources that will blow your hair back.

Resource library: The Foundations resource library is packed with over a dozen downloadable resources including habit trackers, 35+ easy and balanced recipes/eCookbooks, goal setting worksheets, grocery shopping tips and tons more.

Educational Video Trainings: These video trainings are available at your disposal anytime, where you can learn everything from reading food labels to conquering emotional eating.

Every single resource in this self-paced nutrition program was created so that you can break up with yo-yo dieting, feel in control around food, and finally have an easy, effortless diet that works with your life, not against it.





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